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I'm glad you found "ididit designs!"  I love to create designs for t-shirts and gifts that celebrate and encourage teachers, athletes and coaches of all sports, dancers, and kids in general.  Yea, it's an election year, so had to through up a few designs for politics too :)

I am currently selling my designs online using cafepress and zazzle printers and manufacturers of my designs. 

I have set my stores up in catagories and you will find all the stores on the buttons to the left.

I hope you enjoy my stores and I look forward to making many more designs and expanding into more sports and catagories. 

"ididit designs"
P.S.:  Opps, forgot to tell you that I "LOVE" to do special order designs!

If you see a design you like, but the colors are all wrong, HEY ... let me know, I will make one that works for you and there is NO CHARGE for changes. 

Do you have an idea for a design for your program?  Let me help you make it happen!

ALSO...most designs can
be personalized with
your name or team name
let me know and I will
make it happen!

"ZAZZLE Stores"

I have just started featuring my designs at:*


they have some different products that I think work well with my designs, and they allow for YOU to personalize my designs yourself with your name, team name, etc., as you order.  It is pretty COOL!

Important  NOTE:
You cannot make purchases in zazzle and cafepress

Hope you like
the new products Zazzle

ididit designs
t-shirts, sweatshirts, buttons, journals, room decor, stickers and more for cheerleaders, cheer coaches, all coaches, gymnastics, teachers, dancers, kids, college kids, inspirational and more!
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